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1. The 360 Experience

Rezurvit is the first and only website to combine virtual tours and bookings. Only here can you explore restaurants, bars and clubs with beautiful, high quality virtual tours and then book the very spot you see. The combo means we’re able to serve up an immersive and engaging booking experience to kickstart your night out, your evening meal or your casual drinks, 360 degrees at a time.

2. Rezurvit Rewards

Sign up and receive discounts, special offers and promotions unique and exclusive to Rezurvit.

As well as teaming up with our partner venues to provide you special offers directly from them, we’re also inviting you to earn points in our own reward schemes as a ‘thank you’ for making bookings, writing reviews and inviting friends and family to Rezurvit.

3. Social Dining

Create a user profile with Rezurvit, share your hospitality experiences and get tailored offers specific to your tastes. Let us know your favourite food and your favourite hotspots and we’ll get a better idea of the special offers you’d like to receive. You can also rate and review venues you’ve been to, save those you’d like to visit and be the first to get access to our new and exclusive features. 


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