Why Should Venues Sign Up to Rezurvit?

1. Virtual Experience

Show off your venue with Rezurvit’s beautiful 360 virtual tour photography. In a world with so many choices available to customers, let your venue do the talking as Rezurvit members explore its character, its story and its vibe. We’ll photograph your venue looking its finest, giving customers a first taste into what a hospitality experience at your venue promises. We use high quality photography and integrate Rezurvit’s unique booking functionality to let customers book from the virtual tour there and then. As well the virtual tours working seamlessly across desktop, mobile and tablet devices, we also incorporate new gyroscopic technology, allowing customers to immerse themselves at your venue through the magic of virtual reality.

2. Ease of Use

Rezurvit doesn’t interfere with any existing booking systems you might have, nor requires you to replace them. Once set-up with a shiny new virtual tour and a unique profile, you’ll receive bookings in the form of an email. Rezurvit’s email bookings can be completely tailored to suit you and your venue with customisable rules about when to start and pause bookings. Further, Rezurvit’s back-of-house venue sign-in feature keeps things simple but effective in editing other details such as the venue profile, contact details, opening times, marking no-shows and much more.

3. Marketing Magic

Signing your venue up to Rezurvit gets your access to a number of marketing tools. As well as showing off your venue with our virtual tours, we also offer email campaigns, social media coverage and features in our interactive magazine. You’ll also be able to capitalise on an ever increasingly detailed market as we gain an understanding into the most popular trends, favourite cuisines and trending hot-spots across London, we can offer you tailored insights into how your venue can take advantage.


4. New & Improved Innovations

Rezurvit is at the forefront of an ever-increasing industry. We’ll be bringing you new and exciting innovations as we develop and enhance our virtual booking platform. This means that all of our partner venues will get access to our latest developments and newest features, putting you one-step ahead of your competition.


Become a Rezurvit partner venue by sending us a request form.